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Lets get cooking is a national scheme which aims to teach children from a young age, the joy of food, both cooking and of course, eating!   

At Langwith Bassett, our Lets get cooking sessions are led by Mrs Lyons each Thursday afternoon in the community room. During the school year each class will have the opportunity to join the fun in the kitchen!  

We believe that Lets get cooking clubs inspire our children to learn to cook and enjoy good food, giving them the confidence and skills they need to get hands-on in the kitchen and make healthier food choices. Our participation in the project has had a great impact on our pupils and all are eager to join. We encourage our 'Bassett Bakers' to take home their creations along with a recipe to share with their families. 

Lets Get Cooking in Year 6

Throughout June, Year 6 pupils have been demonstrating their cooking skills. They have prepared a range of tasty and healthy desserts:

  • Zesty Lemon and Raspberry Muffins with Cream Cheese icing
  • Oaty Cranberry Cookies
  • Banana and Raisin Flapjack
  • Fruity Rock-cakes

Mrs Lyons was impressed by the independence and maturity shown by all pupils, especially their washing up skills! Class 4 got an extra special treat as our Year 6 Bassett Bakers served their desserts with them and offered some useful feedback. Please take a look at them in action.





Lets Get Cooking in Class Three

Throughout the spring term Class 3 have been putting on their aprons and getting hands-on in the kitchen.  They have learnt a variety of new culinary skills such as; weighing, chopping, measuring, slicing, kneading and mixing, as well as grating raw onions! We have followed the Lets Get Cooking recipes to make:

  • Eat Well Pizza
  • Zesty Raspberry and Lemon Muffins
  • Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes
  • Brilliant Burgers with Barbecue tomato sauce.

The brilliant burgers were delicious! A few of our bakers made the recipes at home and were eager to share their success with the class. Our Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes raised some eyebrows when it was discovered that the surprise was beetroot! 

What our children had to say about Lets Get Cooking:

"I made the burgers and sauce at home with my mum, we all loved them. My neighbour even tried the sauce!"  

"I've never tried beetroot before, but its really nice in the cakes" 

"...the slicing was really hard but I can do it now!"

Please have a look at our gallery to see our 'Bassett Bakers' in action.


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