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Autumn Term 1

Welcome back! We hope you all had a great summer holidays. We are pleased with how well the children have all settled back into school. Our topic this half term has been space.

In English, we wrote a planet fact file (non-chronological report). Look at all the things we learnt about Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.



After our trip to the Space Centre, we wrote a recount to share with people what a fantastic time we had! Here are some of our recounts and pictures from the trip.




During our topic lessons, we have learn that the Earth, Sun and Moon are spherical bodies, that there are eight planets in the solar system (Pluto is now classed as a Dwarf planet) and about different people who have been in space.

We used fruit to help us compare the different sizes of the planets. Can you guess which planet the watermelon is?


Then, carrying the fruit we orbited the sun. Mercury and Venus had to orbit faster than Earth but as Neptune and Uranus take over 100 years to orbit the Sun they had to travel much slower.


During our art lessons, we have created digital art of the solar system.

Also, we made first-hand observations of a ball to help us understand light and shade. We practised making our ball look spherical by using a range of media. We used pens, pencils, chalk pastels and paint. After practising, we choose our favourite media and drew a planet of our own choice. Finally, in year groups we made a sculpture of the solar system. We carefully thought about the sizes of the planets. First, we papier mached balloons and as a team devised a plan – who was going to be responsible for each part of the structure. Miss Mayne is so proud of our teamwork!



During maths, we have revised the place value of 2-digit numbers and learnt about 3-digit numbers. Also, we have learnt column addition and column subtraction. First, we used apparatus to help us understand the method and now we are able to use this method in our books! Ask us to explain it to you.



Please keep reading and practising your spellings at home! Also, thank you for all of your effort with the Space Homework! Take a look at some of the fantastic projects we had bought to school!


Thank you

Miss Mayne

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