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Bassett Bakers 2018-2019

As part of our Academy improvement plan to promote healthier lifestyles accross the school community, we are holding healthy choices cooking sessions each Friday afternoon in the community room led by Mrs Lyons. During the school year each class will have the opportunity to join the fun in the kitchen!  

The "Bassett Baker' sessions inspire our children to learn to cook and enjoy good food, giving them the confidence and skills they need to get hands-on in the kitchen and make healthier food choices.  We encourage our 'Bassett Bakers' to take home their creations along with a recipe to share with their families.

Lean Beef Burgers with Barbecue Tomato Sauce 

Healthier Fast Food was the theme for todays Class One Bakers. They prepared lean beef burgers with a healthy barbecue tomato sauce (loaded with extra hidden vegetables) Have a go at making this quick and tasty meal home using the recipes below. Class One agree that they were delicious!









Healthy Eat Well Pizza

Our Class One Bakers prepared eatwell pizzas with a variety of healthy and exciting toppings to share with the class. They had a great time learning how to chop, grate, slice and knead the dough. Take a look at them in action.



Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes and Zesty Lemon and Raspberry Muffins

Our Class One 'Bassett Bakers' have been busy cooking up some delicious and healthy treats for their class.  They were all surprised by the secret ingredient .. beetroot! Take a look at them in action and have a go at home using the recipes. 







Healthy Vegetable Fajitas

Our Class 1 Bassett Bakers have been busy preparing healthy vegetable fajitas with a side of cucumber sticks and herby garlic dip to share with their class. Please take a look at the recipe and have a go at home.





Healthy Snacks Week

Healthy snacks has been the theme for todays cooking session. Class One bakers have prepared oat and fruit cereal bars and a variety of popcorn flavours such as lime & coconut, white chocolate & honey and vanilla & cinnamon. They loved watching the corn pop and sharing their creations with their class.







Raisin and Grapefruit Loaf

Our Class One bakers prepared delicious raisin and grapefruit loaf for their friends. They had a great time guessing the name of the fruit and tasting it even though the sour taste shocked some of them! Take a look at them in action.

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