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Class 2 Autumn Term 1


Class 2 have been reading The Magic Wishing Chair this term. We have been writing descriptions of the places Molly and Peter go on their adventures and the various characters they meet. 

We really enjoyed making up our own adventure based on the Chapter the land of dreams. We imagined all the strange things that could happen to the children in dream land.

 Here are some of our best ideas...


   Suddenly the spider turned into a snake and slithered down the street.  

      By Lewis, Bella, Ella and Rosie

  There was a teeny red dog in a cage and he looked like a hamster.  

       By Martyn

  Peter opened the bag of sweets and it was green carrots in the bag.  

    By Micheala

  The toffee had turned into Sushi    

    By Sam

  The Clown turned into a black hat with 100 legs  

   By Emmie


We worked together as a class to develop a new adventure when Molly and Peter flew to the witches cottage. We imagined what the witch could be like and we even dressed someone up to help us write our descriptions. We then thought about what sort of cottage the witch would live in and worked on writing really detailed descriptions to help our readers imagine it too. Some of us have even started to learn how to use a thesaurus to help us use better descriptive words. 



We then created our own “books” containing our adventure stories. These will be on display in class 2 once they are complete and we would love you to come and see them. 


In maths we have worked hard to develop our understanding of two digit numbers and place value. We have been using our knowledge to carry out addition and subtraction sums and explaining our work. 

 We are really enjoying our maths challenge every Friday when we try hard to complete as many calculations as we can, as quickly and accurately as possible.  We are all getting so much faster now.

Class two all particularly enjoy our Detective Days. This is when Mrs Bacon sets us a Maths problem to solve using the skills we have been leaning. So far we have worked out The different distances the wishing chair can fly before it needs to rest using our multiples of 10, and which shapes the Ho-Ho Wizard can use to tile his kitchen floor. We loved experimenting with different shapes to find which would tessellate and leave no gaps. 






In class 2 we have been thinking a lot about friendships, what makes a good friend and the things good friends do. We have designed and built a friendship tree in our classroom and the leaves are covered with all the great friendly things the people in class 2 do. We have also created a bin so that we can throw away things that are not friendly and that we don’t want to see in our class.  We are adding new leaves all the time! We are such a kind and friendly bunch!





Spider Snail